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Refill Booster


Our booster insures mess-free refilling. Just screw it to the top of your Various Ink bottle and insert the needle down the side of your broad nib. Refill ink amounts vary for each marker. Caution- It’s Sharp! # CBN

Nib Tweezers


Nib Tweezers make nib removal quick and easy. If you are removing the nib to refill the ink this little baby will prevent damage from occurring and ink from getting on your fingers. Just grab the nib and pull. Once you re-insert the nib it may take a minute for ink to flow # CMT

Nib/Refill Changer


Long life is what makes our SP pens so incredible. This nib and refill changing tool makes the task a snap. One end is for nibs, the other for refill cartridges. Never throw your SP away, just replace the parts! The ink may take a minute to flow. # CSPNC

Opaque White


Use our water-based pigment for finishing highlights and effects. It won’t bleed into your base color and allows for sharp line definition. Opaque White works great on permanent inks as well as water colors. Best of all- easy, warm-water clean up! # COW

Colorless Blender


Our special Blender solution is great for lightening colorpushing color or fading to white. This comes in handy when you want to add special effects to your marker work or even make small corrections. The Blender is formulated to work specifically with Copic Marker Ink. It is available as a CopicSketchCiao or Wide Marker and comes as a Various Ink refill or in a 200cc size bottle.