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Learn from the pros and get the most out of your Copic tools. Detailed information is presented in an easy to follow format, and you’ll gain information on techniques, process, and new ideas.

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Shadows & Shading: A beginner’s guide to light placement



  • Understand different kinds of light sources
  • The difference between shading & cast shadows
  • How to properly color a variety of objects, from simple to complex
  • Shadow color theory
Shadows & Shading is a book designed for people who want to understand the basic rules of light when coloring, whether or not they draw their own art. This book is intended for beginners, who want to learn proper shading when coloring. Includes 4 clear lighting guides to help plan light sources under many different situations. Learn to break down complex images into basic shapes that can easily be colored

Author: Marianne Walker


Copic Coloring Guide


Learn the Copic® marker techniques professional coloring artists use! The Copic Coloring Guide™ will help you create impressive cards for all occasions. You’ve got the right tools. Now it’s time to use them to their potential.

This book is the go-to resource for all crafters and coloring artists. In its 64 pages, discover:

  • Technique tutorials by Copic experts Colleen Schaan and Marianne Walker, who travel extensively to pass on their expertise to art and craft enthusiasts.
  • A clear explanation of the Copic numbering system that will help you know which colors to blend for best results.
  • The Copic markers color chart.
  • Tips on how to choose and recreate beautiful blending groups.
  • Sample projects from Colleen, Marianne and other Copic coloring specialists. Recreate these paper projects with the step-by-step instructions, or use them to inspire great card-making ideas!

Author: Colleen Schaan & Marianne Walker

Item# CCG1

Copic Coloring Guide Level 2: Nature


Take your Copic coloring to the next level!

With the popularity of Copic markers rising at an astonishing rate, well-known instructors Colleen Schaan and Marianne Walker have created the next step in the Coloring Guide series.Copic Coloring Guide Level 2: Nature is an informative, educational book that crafters of all skill levels will find essential to expanding their Copic coloring skills.

Step-by-step tutorials are included for…

  • Coloring in black and white
  • Grounding your images
  • Shading with gray
  • Coloring water and sky
  • Giving real-life color to images like plants, trees, flowers and animals
  • Advanced blending techniques

Also inlcuded are tips for working with digital images and a variety of eye-catching card designs to inspire you! A special CD with all of the hand-drawn images used in the tutorial section is also included. Whether beginner, intermediate or advanced, you are sure to enjoy the information and projects included in this book. 64 pages.

Author: Colleen Schaan & Marianne Walker

Item# CCG2

Copic Color Swatch Book



  • Keep track of all your colors
  • Colors organized by family
  • Pocket sized
  • See which colors are available in each marker style
This handy Color Swatch Book helps you easily keep track of which of the Copic colors you own and which you still need. Sized to fit in a pocket or handbag for on-the-go convenience, keep this guide by your side. Never again will you have to stand in the store aisle staring at the Copic display, wondering if you already have a certain color at home.

Author: Copic Australia

Item# CCSB