More than 30 years of history!

Copic Markers were the first markers created that did not dissolve copy machines' toners. 

Over the years, Copic has increased the number of colours to meet the needs of various markets and now offers the widest color spectrum on the market, consisting of an astonishing 358 colours.

All Copic markers are refillable and nibs can be replaced, making them an environmentally friendly tool. By implementing strict quality control processes, colour consistency can be guaranteed from batch to batch. Made with Japanese engineering excellence and regarded as the highest quality alcohol-based markers in the world, Copic markers are an investment for life.

1919 Foundation of Izumiya
Ms. Ishii Soyo opens Izumiya, an art supply store in Tokyo's Shibuya Ward, and begins her career in importing art supplies.

1987 launch of Copic Markers
To work efficiently, design professionals relied on copy machines, however the colouring tools available did not perform well combined with photocopies as these dissolved the ink of the printed lines and created smears on the paper. 

Izumiya set out to solve this problem and develop the next generation graphic marker that would enable designers to work with freshly printed photocopies without issues. Each component was carefully engineered and manufactured in Japan against highest quality standards, a key criterion for the prototype was also to make it refillable to last longer and reduce waste. 

The new marker was aptly named Copic, deriving from the word “copies” and the pale gray chosen was similar to the colour of copy machines at the time to create a close link to the origin. With an ergonomic square design and dual nibs, it was launched in 71 colors with matching refills called Various Inks. The original Copic was later named Copic Classic which more than 30 years later remains a beloved iconic tool among creative professionals worldwide.

1993 Launch of Copic Sketch
A brand-new drawing experience is introduced which transforms the market. The innovative Super Brush with properties similar to a paint brush was quickly adopted by manga and cartoon illustrators and became the primary tool in many fields of design and crafts. With versatility as its trademark, Copic Sketch made an early commitment to offer the widest colour range and to pursue a notably responsive approach to to specific colour needs of the creative field.

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