Starting your Copic collection?

358 colours:

Copic offers the widest colour spectrum of alcohol markers on the market, consisting of an astonishing 358 colours. Build your own personalised Copic Collection - buy them individually or in sets!

All Copic markers are refillable and nibs can be replaced, making them an environmentally friendly tool. By implementing strict quality control processes, colour consistency can be guaranteed from batch to batch. Made with Japanese engineering excellence and regarded as the highest quality alcohol-based markers in the world, Copic markers are an investment for life.

Starting your Copic Collection:

Start your collection by figuring out what you like to draw - do you draw portraits? Our E tones would be the perfect starting point for you! Build your collection by mixing and matching through the different markers, all markers (Ciao, Classic & Sketch) are available in the same colour range.

Copic Marker is classified in three types.

Get to know the Copic Colour Chart 

Each of 358 Copic colours has its own specific number, and there is a meaning behind each letter and digit in it. Knowing this makes the process of choosing colors quick, easy and more enjoyable.

CLICK HERE to view the colour chart


An unrivaled spectrum

The colour selection has been developed to meet the specific needs of our users, from basic primary colours to highly specialized shades . With 358 colours to choose from, the wide range colours makes it easy to build your own collection at your own pace.


Start your collection with a Copic set

We offer a wide variety of readily curated Copic Sketch, Ciao and Classic sets. Each marker model has its own colour scheme with Copic Sketch offering the widest choice.

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